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Solutions For Discovery Of Gene-specific Phenotypes
From creating custom C. elegans transgenics to visualizing and measuring phenotypes, we help you find your genotype-to-phenotype answers.

Genotyping Products

Reduce your experiment preparation time and perform your experiments more efficiently with our genotyping products.

Phenotyping Products

Visualize, measure C. elegans behavior and collect phenotypic data using our phenotyping products.

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Nema Imager

Nema Imager

Visualize C. elegans behaviors and capture high frame-rate video with image quality comparable to traditional  inverted microscopes, suitable for calcium imaging and optogenetics.

C. elegans synchronizer

C. elegans Synchronizer

Harvest synchronized L1 C. elegans without bleaching, chemicals, or starvation in 15 minutes with nearly perfect purity.


Worm Lysis Kit

Complete a single-tube DNA extraction in just 15 minutes. Designed for rapid, efficient, column-free extraction of PCR-ready DNA from C. elegans.

ScreenChip System with visual synchronization

ScreenChip™ System

Observe and capture the molecular and cellular events in the pharynx during feeding behavior, via traces (EPGs).