Epilepsy Disorder Panel


Price is per strain.

We offer 3 strains and genes that are associated with epilepsy. The genetic identity of each strain has been validated with PCR and sequencing.

  • ・STXBP1 Knock-out (Cat. No. EPL-001)
  • ・CACNA1A Knock-out (Cat. No. EPL-002)
  • ・KCNQ2 Knock-out (Cat. No. EPL-003)

You can choose from 3 different packaging for each strain: 
Vial (frozen); Petri plate (room temperature); 96-well plate (room temperature)

Shipping Details:

  • – USA: $15 flat rate via USPS or use your own shipper account.
  • – International: $120 or use your own shipper account.


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