RediStain™ WormDye Lyso


RediStain™ WormDye Lyso (Cat. No. DYE9440) is a vital stain that can be used to stain apoptotic corpses in the C. elegans gonad in live worms. It is also used as a lysosomal marker.

  • Size: 500 uL (100 uses)
  • Packaged Concentration: 4 mg/mL
  • Storage upon receipt: <-20℃. Protect from light.
  • Solute: water
  • Excitation: 460 (RNA), 500 (DNA)
  • Emission: 650 (RNA), 526 (DNA)


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Additional Product Information

Lysosomes and apoptotic corpses visualized using RediStainTM WormDye Lyso, which fluoresces red (549/565 excitation/emission). Young adult imaged after 30-min incubation in dye; head is on the right.

RediStain™ WormDye Lyso

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