RediStain™ WormDye Lipid Green


RediStain™ WormDye Lipid Green is an intrinsically lipophilic fluorophore that can be used to effectively track lipids inside C. elegans. When using Lipid Green, native lipid droplet morphology is preserved and fat content per body volume can be quantified in individual worms. 1

  • Size: 500 uL (100 uses)
  • Packaged Concentration: 1.34 mg/mL
  • Solute: DMSO
  • Storage upon receipt: <-20℃. Protect from light.
  • Excitation/Emission: 493/503


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  • USA: $15 flat rate via USPS.
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Additional Product Information

RediStainTM WormDye Lipid stain for worms at three ages.

RediStain™ WormDye Lipid Green

1. Klapper M. et al.  Fluorescence-based fixative and vital staining of lipid droplets in Caenorhabditis elegans reveal fat stores using microscopy and flow cytometry approaches. J. Lipid. Res. 52, 1281–1293 (2011).

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