C. elegans Nutrition – Instant Freeze-dried OP50


Use Freeze-dried Instant OP50 from LabTIE to obtain reproducible food quality and lawn thickness. Freeze-dried Instant OP50 is in ready-to-use format to trigger steady feeding behavior over time and eliminate the need for time-consuming, self-breeding OP50.

The Instant OP50 from LabTIE is a high quality cultured Escherichia coli and is used as food source for the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.  It is used to seed NGM agar plates or add to liquid cultures (S-medium).

  • High and consistent quality
  • Direct use of NGM Petri dishes after innoculation
  • Empty vial is Gamma-irradiated, OP50 is not
  • Freeze-dried (easy storage)

Choose from 4 different unit sizes.

1 unit/vial will seed 250mL liquid culture or 100 plates.

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Additional Product Information


Protocol Seeding Petri dishes (NGM agar)

  1. Amount to Dissolve
    Dissolve the content of 1 vial containing 0.75 gram in 25 mL Sterile dH2O by vortexing the suspension thoroughly for 30 seconds. (equals 250 small and 100 medium Petri dishes to be seeded with ±5×1010 cells/mL)
  2. Amount to seed on a Petri dish
    Apply 100 µL on a small Petri dish (60 mm) Apply 250 µL on a medium Petri dish (90 mm) Tip: circle the plate to spread out OP50 to speed up the drying process.
  3. Evaporation of dH2O
    Dry the Petri dish for 15-60 minutes in a laminar flow hood.
  4. Seeding (two options)
    C. elegans can be inoculated directly after the Sterile dH2O has been evaporated. Another option is to place the seeded Petri dish in an incubator for 12 hours at 37°C and inoculate C. elegans afterwards.

Protocol Inoculating 250mL Liquid Culture with OP50 (S-medium)

  1. Amount to Dissolve
    Dissolve 0.75 gram (1 Vial) in 250 mL S-medium (1 liquid culture) using a magnetic stirrer. This will result in a concentration of ±5×109 cells/mL Or select an assay below to determine the innoculation amount of OP50 cells
  2. Inoculation
    Once the OP50 has been dissolved, C. elegans can be inoculated.
Type of assay Optimal OP50 CFU/mL Experiment Amount to dissolve in 250mL
Dietary restriction1, 2 5×1011
  • Ad libitium (Not advised to create a 250 mL liquid culture)
  • Dietary Restriction
  • 75 Gram
  • 0.075 Gram
Micro Fluidics3 2.4×109
  • Pharyngeal pumping
  • 0.38 Gram
Life Cycle & population growth rate4, 5 5×109
  • Optimal concentration
  • Larval mortality increases + decrease of fertility
  • Lower life expectancy
  • 0.75 Gram
  • <0.75 Gram
  • 7.5 Gram
Behavior assay6 1.5×1010
  • 1.50 Gram
Survival assay7 1 – 4×109
  • 0.75 Gram