Arena System

Measure the overall activity of an adult C. elegans population on agar in 6-w, 24-w, or 35mm plates

The Arena System is optimized for monitoring and measuring the locomotor activity of  C. elegans nematodes cultured on agar in multi-well plates.

  • Measure activity decay (but not death) over time in 35 mm plates, 6-w and 24-w plates.
  • Read one multi-well plate or six 35mm plates per run.

With the Arena 24/7 automated data collection capability, you can:

  • Automatically track, quantify and analyze worm movement on agar.
  • Get the average activity value per well and per 15-minute increments while measuring the decline of spontaneous locomotion
  • Perform activity, stress, thermotolerance, and chemotaxis assays with uninterrupted activity measurements (from 30 minutes to multiple weeks) or minimal human interference.
  • Load your experiment, set your parameters and walk away. Your data will be ready for you at the end of the programmed time.

To measure overall activities in liquid media, visit the wMicroTracker System.

Need in-vivo testing to answer preliminary questions quickly? Find out more. 

Key Advantages:

  • Automatically track worm paths on agar and in multi-wells
  • No heavy videos files: no post-hoc analysis, easy data export and storage
  • Long-term, consistent data acquisition for decline of spontaneous locomotion
  • Fine temperature control

Key Features:

  • Works with 35mm culture plates, 6, and 24 well plates
  • Worms locomotion can be monitored on agar
  • Ability to set ideal temperature conditions ranging from 20-37 C

Key Applications:

  • Activity assay: measure the decline of spontaneous locomotion. You get the average activity value per well and per 15-min increment time bins.
  • Stress assay (Heat, UV, ROS, paraquat etc...): The activity measurement is uninterrupted during the recording period (30mins to multiple weeks). It takes the device about 4.5  minutes to scan one plate, regardless of the size.
  • Thermotolerance: The ARENA controls and maintains temperatures from 20 to 37 C.
  • Chemotaxis: Software only. Available September 2019

Figure 1. Activity assay measuring decline of spontaneous locomotion using the Arena System.


Figure 2. Stress assay measuring levamisole treatment tolerance using the Arena System.

Figure 3. Thermotolerance Assay performed on the Arena System with incubation at 37°C.


Figure 4. Linearity of data acquisition using 6-well/35mm and 24-well plates.

Comparison of Arena and wMicroTracker Systems
Suitable for:ArenawMicroTracker
Mutant & Toxicity Screening
Drug Testing
Drug Screening
Stress Assays (Heat, UV, ROS, Paraquat)
Oxidative Stress
WormsLarvae (L1 to L4
Adult C. elegans
Parasitic Nematodes (L3s)Untested
Works with Worm Food (Bacteria)
Works without Worm Food
TemperatureTemperature ControlIntrinsicFits inside an incubator
Total Number of Beams20,000384
DataMinimum Recording Time30 minutes30 minutes

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