Arena System

The ARENA provides the capability to measure the locomotor activity of nematodes including C. elegans and parasitic worms, cultured on agar in multi-well plates. You can get detailed measurements of motion and viability, including path tracking, distance and speed measurements.

This system is optimized for monitoring and measuring the locomotor activity of parasitic and non-parasitic nematodes on solid media. The ARENA is designed for high-throughput screening assays to evaluate the biological effects of potential compounds/drugs, RNAi/morpholino, or mutations as well as for lifespan studies.

With the ARENA 24/7 automated data collection capability, you can:

  • Automatically track, quantify and analyze worm movement on agar (Figure 1).
  • Perform lifespan, survival and chemotaxis assays, with minimal human interference
  • Load your experiment, set your parameters and walk away. Your data will be ready for you at the end of the programmed time.

Key Advantages:

  • Automatically track worm paths on agar and in multi-wells
  • No heavy videos files: no post-hoc analysis, easy data export and storage
  • Long-term, consistent data acquisition for lifespan/ survival assays
  • Fine temperature control
  • Works with most parasitic nematodes as well

Key Applications:

  • Lifespan
  • Drug testing and toxicology
  • Chemotaxis assays
  • RNAi assays

Key Features:

  • Works with 35mm culture plates, 6, 24, and 48 well plates
  • Worms locomotion can be monitored on agar
  • Ability to set ideal temperature conditions
Comparision of WMicrotracker vs. ARENA
Liquid Culture
Works with 96 and 384 well microplates
Fits in an incubator (for temp. control)
Toxicity Assays
Acute drug exposure
Stress Response
Path of the worm
Temperature control
Works with 35mm culture plates, 6, 24, and 48 well plates
Chemotaxis assays
LifeTime assays
Non-C. elegans worms
Requires multiple worms/plate or well
Temperature monitoring

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