Instant Freeze-dried OP50

Simple. Convenient. Reliable.

Don't settle for the inconsistency of in-house grown OP50. Use Freeze-dried Instant OP50 to obtain reproducible food quality and lawn thickness. Freeze-dried Instant OP50 is in ready-to-use format to trigger steady feeding behavior over time and enables you to:

  • Remove the variable of ‘quality of food/nutrition’ from the equation in your experiments
  • Feed C. elegans with a specific and measurable amount of nutrition
  • Eliminate the time and effort needed to grow your own OP50

Instant OP50 is a high quality cultured Escherichia coli and is used as food source for the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. It is used to seed NGM agar plates or add to liquid cultures (S-medium).


  • High and consistent quality
  • Direct use of NGM Petri dishes after innoculation
  • Empty vial is Gamma-irradiated, OP50 is not
  • Freeze-dried (easy storage)
  • Compatible with microfluidic chips

Instant OP50 dietary choice behavior in C. elegans

The video shows the preference of C. elegans for this freeze-dried OP50 as a convenient food source. Consistent quality enables reproducible results for experiments and technical replications. It is freeze-dried and has single cells when dissolved in liquid. The OP50 strain was acquired from CGC.

Example Data and Comparison

Freeze-dried Instant OP50 triggers steady feeding behavior over time. Pharyngeal pumping frequency over time as elicited in Day-1 adult C. elegans. Worms were starved for 2 hours on a plate prior to 7-min incubation in re-hydrated freeze-dried bacteria (1.52mg/mL). n = 4 to 9 worms per time point.

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Product Reviews

C. elegans grows very nicely with it. I do not need spend my precious time just to grow OP50 and collect it by centrifugation any more in the rest of my life. -- Yasuhiro Kadota, Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN - CSRS

This has been a game changer, removing much of the prep time needed for growing bulk quantities of worms for gene expression and proteomic studies. -- Dustin Updike, Assistant Professor, MDI Biological Laboratory

I used the Freeze-dried OP50 to do my liquid cultures to obtain huge amount of worms or embryos for specific experiments. It's a very useful system that I recommend without hesitation. -- Carole Couillault, Lab Manager, Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille

This is a great product that allows me to save time by not having to grow my own OP50 for feeding C elegans. It is free of contamination, which is a huge selling point as contamination can really ruin a C. elegans colony. I use it to grow both plate colonies and liquid cultures of C elegans, and it saves me a ton of time. I would highly recommend it. -- Kathryn Schweri, PhD, Nematologist

We are using concentrated freeze-dried OP50 routinely. The product is particularly useful for two cases. 1. When we grow a lot of worms for big scale experiments (for example proteomics, RNA seq., DNA seq. and so on) and when we realize that worms on some of the plates may be starved soon. We can easily add the concentrated OP50 on top of those plates. This is very important because starvation is one of the worst disasters that ruin our experiments. 2. Mass crosses for generating many males. As we can spot concentrated bacteria easily on plates to increase the chances of male-hermaphrodite mating without worrying about starvation. -- Seung-Jae Lee, Professor, POSTECH

Technical Data

SubstancePowdered (freeze-dried)
MonocultureEmpty vials and pots were Gamma rayed 25 kiloGray (kGy), Monoculture OP50 was not Gamma rayed.
Density± 5x109 cells when dissolved in 250mL
SolubilityGood - Color: Turbid yellow when dissolved in dH2O/S-medium
Cultivation methodologyCultured in Super Optimal Broth (SOB) medium in a controlled environment under optimal conditions
Contents cultivation mediumBacto-tryptone, Yeast extract, NaCl, KCL, MgCl2, MgSO4, Glycerol, Glucose

Ordering Information

DescriptionQtySeed Vol.*Plates*PackagingPriceCat. No.
Freeze-dried OP50 5 units5 vials5x 250 mL500$149.95OP50-31772
Freeze-dried OP50 20 units20 vials20x 250 mL2,000$359.99OP50-31773
Freeze-dried OP50 bulk 40 units1 bottle40x 250 mL4,000$611.99OP50-31775
Freeze-dried OP50 bulk 100 units1 bottle100x 250 mL10,000$1,475.99OP50-31776

* 1 unit/vial will seed 250 mL liquid culture or 100 plates.


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