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Preliminary Findings

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Trehalose extends healthspan in C. elegans over time


  • Adults were reared and tested in M9 medium plus 5 mM trehalose, which has previously been shown to extend lifespan in C. elegans (Honda et al. , 2010).
  • Pumps were counted using fully-automated analysis software, NemAnalysis.
  • Pump frequency in trehalose-treated animals was significantly higher in 11-day adults than in than in controls of the same age that were reared in parallel and tested on the same day (p<0.01; 1-tailed Mann-Whitney U-test; n = 5-8 worms at each age in each condition).
  • Worms were held in the chip for 30 min before recording pump frequency.
  • Funding: National Institute of Aging SBIR 1R43AG047020 to NemaMetrix Inc.





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