Gain Quantitative Insights From Your Worms – ScreenChip System

The ScreenChip System is a worm screening and phenotyping platform utilizing C. elegans as a model organism that allows you to collect rapid and precise whole animal data. It enables you to quickly and reliably assess neuronal and physiological responses to genetic, drug effects or other environmental changes. In addition, the system is designed to give you the freedom to focus on the meaning of your data by eliminating the need for countless hours of worm preparation and data acquisition.

Research Areas:

Results have been obtained using the ScreenChip System in the areas of:

  • Aging and age-related diseases
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Drug screening & development
  • Genomics & molecular genetics
  • Developmental biology
  • Environmental toxicology
  • Signaling pathways & networks
  • Human and animal parasitology

How does the ScreenChip System work?

The ScreenChip System counts pharyngeal pumps automatically using the pharynx’s strong electrical signal. The pharynx is an extraordinarily sensitive organ that provides a readout of overall health. By monitoring its function we’ve developed a powerful platform for mutant phenotyping, compound screening and toxicological assessment.

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Four Steps to Data

Benefits of using the ScreenChip System:

Richer Data

The ScreenChip System enables you to ask and answer questions that are not possible with visual pumping assays. You can measure the pump frequency in real time. Additional data such as pump waveform shape, spike amplitude ratios, pump duration and interpump interval can be obtained with post-hoc analysis using NemaAnalysis software.

Larger Sample Sizes

The ScreenChip System allows you to record from one worm at a time, up to fifty worms per chip. Larger sample sizes give you more confidence in your data.

Faster Experiments 

Load worms into the ScreenChip, move them into position and record for as long as you want. The ScreenChip system was designed to be used by all levels of researchers, no prior experience is necessary.

No Guesswork 

The acquisition software displays real-time data parameters during your experiment (Figure 5). Data acquired in the NemAquire software can be transferred seamlessly to the NemAnalysis software for in-depth data analysis. Analyzed data for each worm can be easily exported in an Excel or other format. 

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