What the ScreenChip System is:

The ScreenChip Start Kit includes all the components of the ScreenChip system. All you need to get started in your own lab is a microscope, a vacuum source and a computer.
  • The ScreenChip System is comprised of a recording dock; compact amplifier; associated cables, tubing and connectors; ScreenChips; and NemAquire software.
  • The ScreenChip System is used with standard lab equipment: a microscope, a vacuum source and a computer (Mac or PC).


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How to set it up:

  • Setup takes less than ten minutes. Easy-to-follow instructions guide you in setting up your system.


  • The system has a small footprint and will comfortably fit on  dissecting or inverted microscope stages. 

How the system works:

Electrode and microfluidic channel design of the ScreenChip 10 cartridge. Worms are positioned between the electrodes during recordings.
  • With the push of a button, the ScreenChip System gently moves worms one-by-one from an Eppendorf tube into a recording chamber.
  • Electrodes in the ScreenChip record the voltage signals produced by each pharyngeal pump (the EPG).


  • The signals are displayed in NemAquire software.

How to use the system:

  • Experimental design is limited only by your creativity! You can compare different genotypes (e.g., wild-type and mutant); screen compounds against C. elegans human disease models, including aging; characterize drug pharmacology; analyze RNAi effects, and the list goes on.


  • The operator determines how many worms to record from, and the duration of each recording.


  • For example, in 1 day, an operator can make 2-minute recordings from 100 worms. This can represent up to ~50,000 pumps, providing exceptional statistical power for distinguishing subtle phenotypes.


  • Each recording is saved as a separate data file, with user-entered experimental notes.
A screenshot of the NemaMetrix NemAcquire 1.0 free software. This is used to record EPGs from C. elegans and can display real-time statistics about the data.

How to analyze the data:

Bar graph showing mean C. elegans EPG rates with and without Ivermectin treatment. Example waveforms for both treatments are shown.
  • Data files are saved  with a .txt extension and can be uploaded to the analysis platform of your choice (MATLAB, IGOR, LabChart, etc).  


  • For those with limited analysis experience, NemaMetrix offers a free and quick turn-around analysis service.  You upload your data, and we return basic EPG parameters such as pump frequency and amplitude.  Automated analysis software is coming soon.


  • EPG recordings produce publishable data at an astonishing rate.

What if I need help?

Technician displaying the NemaMetrix C. elegans NemAcquire software in the lab.