A detailed image of C. elegans, displaying the transparency of the model organism.
  • Easily screen for anthelmintic drugs


  • Retain valuable time-course information


  • Compatible with multiple species

Soil transmitted parasitic nematode infections affect 2-3 billion people worldwide, creating a health burden that is disproportionately borne by the world’s poorest nations. Current drug classes are inadequate due to increasing drug resistance, and are often only effective against particular strains of parasites.  R&D efforts by pharmaceutical companies to discover new drugs are limited because of low potential profits; the people who most need these drugs are among the poorest in the world.

Dr. Weeks visiting in Gabon

Species validated for use with ScreenChip 8

Table of parasitic nematode species.

Janis Weeks, a NemaMetrix founder, has committed her research to addressing global health issues since the 1990’s.  Because of her interest, the NemaMetrix platform was conceived with secondary screening of potential anthelmintics in mind. Our system allows you to obtain detailed information on the time-course and mode of action of candidate anthelmintic compounds.