Janis Weeks, Ph.D.

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Preliminary Findings

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Alzheimer's Phenotype displays change in Pharygeal pumping activity

Fig. 1: CL4176: smg-1(cc546) I; dvIs27 X.dvIs27[pAF29(myo-3/Aβ1-42/let UTR)+pRF4(rol-6(su1006))] CL802: smg-1(cc546) I; rol-6(su1006) II


  • Strain CL4176 accumulates amyloid-β1-42 in body wall muscles after shifting from 15o to 25 oC during L4 (Link et al. 2013).
  • 48 h after the upshift, control strain CL802 showed normal EPG activity whereas CL4176 showed an ~25% decrease in pump frequency (A and data not shown), resulting from the increased probability of long inter-pump intervals (B).





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