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Create and test the animal model that you need to complete your research project.

The ScreenChip system allows you to rapidly and accurately screen phenotypes of genes, drugs, and pathways in a living organism.

Whether you work on cell culture, Drosophila or vertebrate models,  take advantage of the amazing genetic tractability and conservation of C. elegans to complete your research project.


Live animal phenotyping

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The ScreenChip System

The ScreenChip Starter Kit includes all the components of the ScreenChip system.  All you need to get started in your own lab is a microscope, a vacuum source and a computer.

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Our Latest Research

  • Mutations kqt-1 and kqt-3 and their effects on pharnygeal pumping in C. elegans

KCNQ Potassium Channels and C. elegans Pharyngeal Pumping: A Genetic and Behavioral Model for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Yoanne M. Clovis, Ph.D. | Humans have over 70 potassium channel genes, but only some of these have been linked to disease. In this respect, the KCNQ family of potassium channels is exceptional: mutations in four out of five KCNQ genes underlie diseases including cardiac arrhythmias, deafness, and epilepsy. In this technical note, we investigated the effect of mutations of orthologous KCNQ-like genes in the nematode C. elegans on electrical excitability using the NemaMetrix ScreenChip System.

Customer Research

  • Scientist examining C. elegans in the NemaMetrix ScreenChip system under a microscope

Customer Spotlight | Mike Harris

Mike Harris working with the NemaMetrix ScreenChip system during a customer workshop. At our inaugural ScreenChip Workshop, one of our very first customers, Dr. Mike Harris, had a burning question. He'd been collaborating for years on [...]