C. Elegans Screening and Phenomics for Research and Drug Discovery

NemaMetrix is a biotech company based in Eugene, Oregon. Started as a spinout from the University of Oregon, we maintain active collaborations within the academic research community to drive discovery in animal models of human disease. Our core technology integrates microfluidics and electrophysiology to provide biological insights into an important and widely used model organism for human health, C. elegans.


Our flagship product is the ScreenChip System. The ScreenChip System is an automated platform for assaying pharyngeal pumping in C. elegans. As a sensitive measure of the overall health of an organism, pharyngeal pumping and the ScreenChip System excel at revealing phenotypes resulting from genetic mutation and screening for the effects of drug compounds and peptides on well-conserved biological signalling pathways.

ScreenChip Cartridge

Our Most Recent Application Notes

Serotonin-induced pharyngeal pumping in C. elegans

The neuromodulator serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5HT) is often used to stimulate pharyngeal pumping in C. elegans and other nematodes (e.g., 1,2,3). To investigate the concentration-dependence of 5HT treatment on pump frequency measured in the ScreenChip platform, we tested the effects of 0, 2, 5 and 10 mM 5HT on N2 (wild type) adults on Day 1.

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Effect of Fennel on Pharyngeal Pumping in C. elegans

Anthelmintics are a category of drugs used to rid humans and animals of parasitic nematodes (worms). Current anthelmintics have a number of shortcomings, including the increasing development of resistance. New anthelmintics may be discovered by screening libraries of natural products and small molecules, or re-purposing existing FDA-approved drugs.

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Latest News

Visit us at the European Worm Meeting in Berlin!

NemaMetrix is pleased to announce that we will be attending the 2016 European Worm Meeting in Berlin on June 1-3, 2016.  Attending a European conference is a unique opportunity for us to hear about the dynamic C. elegans research occurring far from our home in......

Customer Spotlight | Mike Harris

At our inaugural ScreenChip Workshop, one of our very first customers, Dr. Mike Harris, had a burning question. He’d been collaborating for years on a project that focused on the rabies virus surface glycoprotein (RGP), and through careful characterization, he had found a conserved peptide sequence in the......

NemaMetrix Newsletter | December 2015

Recently, NemaMetrix hosted its inaugural ScreenChip workshop in Eugene, OR.  A diverse group of researchers gathered together for a three-day workshop to learn about our technology.  Food, lodging and transportation were provided for our guests as well as lab instruments and reagents.  Additionally, members of the......

Product Applications

Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery

Our technology provides in vivo results 100 times faster and cheaper than mouse models

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Academic Research

Let us help you accelerate the pace of research with our turn-key system.

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Global health

Searching for an easy anthelmintic screening system? Look no further.

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